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  • Jiangsu EMMASH Biological Technology Co., Ltd. was established on Jan.8, 2018, and located in No. 1188 Maoshan Avenue, Maoshan Fudi, Yangtze River Delta. It covers an area of 14,508 square meters, with a registered capital of 20 million. The brand is "EMMASH". The business scope covers the development of animal placenta extracts and animal tissue extracts, cosmetics, health products and cell technology; the acquisition and sale of animal-born placenta and other animal products; the research, technical services and preservation of immune cells, umbilical cord stem cells, fetal stem cells, adipose stem cells and ordinary cells; sales of cosmetics and health products; self-management and agency of import and export of various commodities and technologies. EMMASH is established for the recycling of downstream products (extracts for ...
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    EMMASH placental essence

    • Direct to the bottom of the skin

      Unique in the world
      Molecular motor carrier technology
      Make the active ingredient direct to the
      bottom of the skin.
    • Anti-oxidation

      Protect body cells from poison
      Reduce aging cell accumulation
      Keep skin lasting, tighting and whitening
    • Repair and regenerate

      Deep into the bottom of the skin
      Promote basal cell proliferation
      Deeply repair the skin
    • No addition

      No alcohol
      No pigment
      No fluorant

    A bottle of EMMASH placental essence can repair and activate 10 kinds of youth.

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