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Everyoung with Heart·Live for Beauty ——EMMASH Blooming in the 24th China Beauty Expo

Have already visited: 2306/03/2019  

The 24th China Beauty Expo (Shanghai CBE), the largest cosmetic feast in Asia, was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from May 20 to 22, 2019. More than 10,000 domestic and foreign brands from 30 countries and regions, tens of thousands of new international fashion products, more than 50 forums and more than 600,000 professional audiences share global innovation resources.


CBE aggregates the global high-quality resources of cosmetics industry chain, and gathers a large number of excellent companies and brands at home and abroad. More than 1000 companies such as L'Oreal, Shiseido, Chanel, Dior, Jahwa, Jala, Chicmax,Pechoin, Uniasia, OSM, Proya, Wetherm, Inoherb, Hanhoo and EMMASH have made brilliant appearances together.

As the vane of the cosmetics industry, CBE gathers the information of the industry frontier every year and leads the industry trend.




As the pioneer of cell skin care and a rising industry star, EMMASH was invited to attend this grand event for the first time brilliantly.



During the exhibition, colleagues and guests from all over the country were deeply attracted by EMMASH's concept of cell skin care. After experiencing our products, they were full of praise and excitement. Many channel providers and agents have expressed their expectations and willingness to cooperate strongly with EMMASH.

This grand meeting fully demonstrates the advantages of EMMASH technology and unique product charm, and also indicates the infinite development space of EMMASH cell skin care.




2019 is the first year of cell skincare. EMMASH will take its mission, with its new cell skincare ecosystem, to achieve the health beauty of countless customers.

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