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EMMASH·Everyoung with Heart·Date with Beauty Private E-Commerce Starting Fair Closed Successfully

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On April 13, EMMASH·Everyoung with Heart·Date with Beauty, Private E-Commerce Starting Fair closed successfully in the 5A scenic spot, Huagu Qiyuan Rose Garden Club. This conference gathers elites from all over the country, and we all take part in a grand event together. In particular, Mr. Wu Hong, chief executive officer of EMMASH and dean of EMMASH Business School, was invited to participate in the whole course.




Guests came in and checked in one after another. They carefully read the product manuals and company picture albums.

Brilliant Course Review


Ms. Gao Yihan was invited to be the host of the conference. At the beginning, Ms. Gao brought the atmosphere to a climax and stimulated everyone's enthusiasm and vitality.


Mr. Wu Hong, chief executive officer of EMMASH and dean of EMMASH Business School, delivered a speech to thank all the guests for coming and to take the oath to abide by the discipline of the conference.


Ms. Zhang Ying, founder of EMMASH, introduced the company from various dimensions, focusing on the brand positioning and cultural advantages of EMMASH. The special point of EMMASH is to repair from the source gene and activate cell regeneration, unlike traditional skin care that only stays on the surface of the skin. What EMMASH wants to do is to subvert the traditional skin care concept, create the first brand of cell skin care, be the leader of cell skin care and the expert of Chinese skin care, and become the proud national brand of the Chinese people.


Professor Yang Cheng, dean of EMMASH Technology Research Institute, introduced EMMASH R&D team. EMMASH Technology Research Institute is headed by Professor Yang Cheng, and has many experts in molecular biology, cytology, immunology and other fields at home and abroad. At the same time, it integrates five major technical advisory organizations. More than ten years of production experience in cell culture and cell culture media, ensure that every product of EMMASH is safe and effective, and the product effect is always in the leading position in the industry.


Mr. Wu Hong, chief executive officer of EMMASH and dean of EMMASH Business School, explains the course Take the First Step of Success to guide you how to be a good sales and how to achieve success through shaping personality charm.


After a short noon break, the afternoon conference began. In order to arouse everyone's enthusiasm and eliminate fatigue, Ms. Gao led us to do exercises, and the atmosphere of the whole hall immediately became active.


Ms. Zhang Ying, founder of EMMASH, introduced the products in detail, and invited one guest to try out the products on the spot.


Mr. Wu Hong, chief executive officer of EMMASH and dean of EMMASH Business School, introduced EMMASH's new business model, private e-commerce, and launched EMMASH's private e-commerce brand, EMMASH · Everyoung with Heart · Date with Beauty.


At the end of the conference, everyone drank a cup of wine and wished to work hard for the bright future of EMMASH together.


After this conference, everyone was confident and set sail with a new goal. Let's go hand in hand, move forward, and work together to write the legend of EMMASH.

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