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Nursing Strategies for Sensitive Skins --Say Goodbye to Seasonal Crisis

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Skin problems become more and more serious when spring turns to summer. Cheeks are red, swollen, scalded and acne comes frequently. Many friends are helpless when facing to sensitive skin. In fact, we may get twice the result with half the effort by correct methods. Today, we will use specific cases to illustrate. For sensitive skin, how to return to healthy skin with gentle, effective and scientific skin care method?


Before using EMMASH products, she was a serious hormone face. She run all over the major hospitals, but did not look good. A chance encounter with EMMASH, using a piece of placental mask, there is no allergy. After a month of continuous use of EMMASH placental essence and facial mask, her skin recovered to a healthy state. With the replacement of EMMASH gene whitening series, half a year later, her face completely changed, not only healthy but also tender, white and lustrous. Now she has become a loyal fan of EMMASH.


So, how to care for sensitive skins?

First of all, we need to find out why our skin is sensitive.

Sensitive skins are caused by three reasons.


1. External reason: The cuticle is too thin. The cuticle acts as a barrier to protect the skin. If it is too thin, the skin will not be moisturized enough, resulting in the skin unable to resist external stimulation. So I want to remind you not to use exfoliated products frequently.

2. Internal reason: People with sensitive skin usually have genetic quality, whose sebum membrane is weak acidic, and skin nerve fibers are often stimulated by the outside world, too excited, which is prone to produce flushing, fever, itching, tingling, rash and other discomfort.

3. Other reason: Environmental pollution, bad cosmetics, and improper maintenance will lead to the sensitive skin.

Skin care for sensitive skin


1. Mild facial washing reduces irritation

Cleaning is the first step in maintenance and the foundation of perfect skin, but the skin does not need to be excessively cleaned. People with sensitive skin should try to choose weak acidic cleansers close to skin PH value. The use of alkaline and strong cleansing products can easily remove grease and damage skin barrier function, resulting in water loss.

Recommended Product: Placental Protein Amino Acid Cleanser

· Amino acid formula, suitable for skin PH value

· Weak acidity formula to protect skin barrier

· Mild cleaning without stimulation. People with sensitive skins can also use at ease.

· Placental protein and rose oil bring natural nutrition to skin.


2. Choose mild and safe skin care products

We should choose simple skin care products. Don't overlap skin care products because of lack of water and dryness, which will cause unnecessary burden to the skin. Avoid purchasing skin care products with excessive fragrance, high alcohol content and fruit acid ingredients, which are irritating to the skin and prone to allergies. Its better to choose mild, moisturizing and repairing products.

Recommended Product: Placental Essence

· Deep repairing damaged cells and promoting cell regeneration

· Active ingredients go directly to the bottom of the skin, making the skin look like new life.

· Protect body cells from toxicity and effectively antioxidant.

· Inhibiting melanin and improving skin luster.

· Reduce the accumulation of senile cells, smooth and tighten the skin


3. Use a relaxing facial mask

Facial mask care once to twice every week for sensitive skin can get more moisturizing than basic skin care. We dont need to exfoliate before applying mask. We should apply mask immediately after washing face, and use skin care products as soon as washing the mask.

Recommended Product: Placental Mask

· Rich in placental protein components:

Active proteins with high purity and high activity were extracted from animal placenta and embryo. After production by pure biotechnology process, more than 90% of natural cytokines were successfully retained, which can protect cells from damage caused by external environment. After absorption, it can increase cell vitality, help cell regeneration, prevent aging of body function, inhibit tyrosinase activity, alleviate skin inflammation, and restore normal metabolic function of keratinocytes.

· Chamomile components

The mask contains chamomile ingredients, which can inhibit inflammation and heal wounds, can moisturize, soothe the skin and shrink pores, can cool and help skin tissue regeneration.

· Seaweed Fiber Scrim

The seaweed fiber scrim is selected from deep sea, which has strong water absorption, water retention, good skin-affinity and high permeability. Mask material is rich in 30% seaweed ingredients, which can accelerate skin protein and water production, control oil and replenish water, clean pores, and stabilize skin. It is also rich in vitamin extracts, which can keep skin fresh, transparent and fair.

· Much more essence

The essence of common facial mask is 20-30ml, but the essence of this mask is up to 40ml, so the remaining essence also can be used.

· Pharmaceutical grade aluminum foil bag

Pharmaceutical grade aluminium foil bag can better preserve the active ingredients of EGF in placental protein.


If you also suffer from sensitive skin problems, and you don't know how to solve it, just try EMMASH placental protein series.

EMMASH, as the leader of cell skin care, relying on the frontier biological R&D, continuously develop high-quality products with excellent efficacy to meet your requirements of health and beauty quality.

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