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Whitening Ingredients Inventory ——There is always a suitable one for you.

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People always say that life goes on and whitening goes on. White skin can not only make the skin look cleaner and more transparent, but also make the little black girl to be white swan, completing the great retrograde attack. Of course, whitening does not depend on "covering". We must use safe and effective whitening ingredients to make the skin white.

Hydroquinone Family

Hydroquinone, also known as hydroquinone, is the most effective ingredient in whitening. But because of its high risk, it is not allowed to be added to skin care products in China. Anyway our scientists are smart enough to find that resorcinol, the brother of hydroquinone, also inhibits tyrosinase activity, but lack of safety.

So other derivatives of hydroquinone have been developed, and arbutin is also known as a derivative of hydroquinone.


EMMASH Gene Whitening Series adds a component called phenylethyl resorcinol, which is sought after by many brands, and is added by most of the major skin care products. It is a safe and effective whitening ingredient developed by Germans. It can effectively inhibit the activity of B16V cells to synthesize melanin. It is 210 times as much as kojic acid and 32 times as much as arbutin.


Vitamin C and its Derivatives

Vitamin C, ascorbic acid, is a classic whitening ingredient and the most widely used whitening ingredient. Skin blackening, spots and so on are the process of cell oxidation. It is well known that VC has very strong antioxidant capacity, so it is a "reductant" to reduce the oxidized process back, thus inhibiting the oxidation reaction of melanin.


In fact, many products are no longer directly using vitamin C as a component, and more are using its derivatives, such as ascorbic acid glucoside. EMMASH gene whitening series add this component, which can effectively resist oxidation and inhibit tyrosinase activity. It not only retains the efficacy of vitamin C, but also overcomes the shortcomings of vitamin C, which is more stable and mild.



Nicotinamide is just vitamin B3. Whitening principle is to inhibit the spread of melanin to the skin surface. Like vitamin C, it acts on the melanin that has been produced and is suitable for the skin that has turned black and has to turn white. But it also has one more function, to accelerate the metabolism of melanin, meanwhile, anti-aging and repair the damaged skin barrier, which is an all-round player.


Nicotinamide is also the main ingredient of SKII small bulbs, but it is expensive. EMMASH gene whitening series also contain this omnipotent ingredient with high concentration, which can improve skin condition from multi-dimensional, and make skin present a clean and transparent aesthetic feeling.


Tartaric Acid and Salicylic Acid

The whitening principle of tartaric acid and salicylic acid is similar. Thats dissolving the constituent substances between keratins, making the stratum corneum exfoliate, so it can remove the accumulated stratum corneum and promote metabolism. Meanwhile, it can shrink pore, remove blackhead acne, effectively fade fine lines and wrinkles, and reproduce skin luster.

Salicylic acid is somewhat irritating and not tolerated by everyone. The citric acid and lactose acid added in EMMASH gene whitening series also belong to fructonic acid. Fructonic acid is slightly milder than salicylic acid, which can promote collagen synthesis in dermis and make skin more moist and lustrous.


Kojic Acid

Kojic acid is the most effective ingredient among the existing whitening and freckle-removing ingredients. 20ug/ml of kojic acid can inhibit 70%-80% of the activity of polyamines, but it is irritating, so that sensitive skin people should be cautious to use. And this ingredient was once banned because of its carcinogenic effect. When choosing whitening products containing kojic acid, we must pay attention to the concentration. It is best to consult a doctor before using it.  


We have said so many whitening ingredients, so when choosing whitening products, we can have a good idea. Without these ingredients, the whitening effect of this product may be suspected. EMMASH gene whitening series not only contain phenylethyl resorcinol and other effective whitening ingredients, but also adds Swiss Edelweiss ingredients, with excellent free radical protection coefficient, strong antioxidant, free radical scavenging and DNA protection. EMMASH gene whitening series whiten the skin from the source, and let you remodel the beauty skin, just like a new life.


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