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EMMASH Skin Care Classroom ——Seasonal Self-help Guidelines for Seasonal Change

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Recently, I really feel that spring is coming. Everyone has taken off their heavy winter clothes and changed into beautiful spring clothes. For many people, spring is beautiful, flowers blossom, all things grow. It is quite happy to date with some friends, and enjoy a good spring. But for some people, changing seasons is like changing faces, because all kinds of skin problems arise.

Trouble 1: Water-oil imbalance


Have you ever noticed that when you wake up suddenly, the oil on your face can be fried? Seasonal skin is so capricious, water and oil imbalance, that forehead oil field, two cheeks dryland.

Trouble 2: Get pimples


When I wake up, I get pimples again. One wave is not smooth, another wave is rising again. Once I suffered a lot from it. Although there are only one or two at a time, the pimple print has not disappeared yet, and another one appears. I believe that many people have this trouble. It is very obvious when changing seasons. We must pay attention to the excessive secretion of oil in spring and summer.

Trouble 3: Sensitive stabbing pain 


When changing seasons, it is very common that the skin prickles. No matter what you wipe, it feels very stimulating. It will also be accompanied by dryness, water shortage, red blood silk and so on. Sensitive skins have always been difficult to care for, and especially seasonal change will aggravate sensitivity. So sensitive skins must be cared for carefully when seasonal changing.

Seasonal Self-help Guidelines

So is the season changing really so terrible? No, as long as the method is right, we will say goodbye to sensitivity, tingling, oiling, drying.

1. Sun protection


With the warming of the weather, the ultraviolet radiation becomes more and more serious. Ultraviolet radiation and air pollution is one of the main causes of skin sensitivity, so sunscreen and isolation can effectively avoid air pollution and ultraviolet radiation damage! Be sure to do a good job of sunscreen measures.

2. Wash your face in warm water


When the water is overheated, it stimulates the fragile sebum membrane, thus aggravating itching and tingling symptoms. So you can wash your face with warm and cold water. And be careful not to overclean. Especially don't exfoliate frequently.

3. Mild Skin Care


Seasonal skin is very sensitive, so whether it is facial washing or smearing skin care products, the action must be gentle, and try to choose gentle, non-stimulating skin care products. Here we want to introduce EMMASH Placental Protein Series to you.



Placental protein mask and placental protein essence, the main ingredient of them is placental protein, which contains a large number of cell growth factors. Cell growth factors can protect cells from damage caused by external environment, and help repair cells, promote cell regeneration, inhibit melanin activity, alleviate skin inflammation, and restore normal metabolic function of keratinocytes. No preservatives and flavors are added to the product, and the skin is completely free during the sensitive season.

EMMASH focuses on the field of biological skin care, using gene repair, directly acting on myofibril cells, fundamentally solving skin problems. Biological technology makes beauty no longer a myth.

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