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Today is 3.15, and did you buy any harmful facial mask?

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We can buy a lipstick less, but the mask can not be applied less. In order to maintain good skin condition, many girls are eager to apply the mask all the time to be the exquisite girls. We are fantasizing the wrinkle on the face, the radiation of the computer, the acne on the forehead disappear completely in the instant of taking off the mask.

Now there are many kinds of mask in the market, and various problems such as fluorescer, bacteria and hormones emerge one after another. Even the hot mask has been exposed to a hidden danger.


Under the banner of "Hormones have strong anti-inflammatory effect, and can make the skin achieve the effect of eliminating acne completely", as a product selling point, these manufacturers are constantly expanding the market and making illegal money.


A few years ago, the live yeast mask is quite popular. Many women who love beauty are fooled. This is not skin care but "disfigurement".


How to distinguish harmful mask?

It can be beautiful or disfigured in a few minutes, just through a mask. How do we distinguish? If you use skin care products that work very quickly, such as whitening and rejuvenating your skin quickly in a short time, but once stopped, the skin will be red, swollen, itchy, painful, crazy blackpox and allergy. So maybe there’s something bad with your skin care products. After the "poisonous" ingredients are absorbed by the skin, they become dependent as opium, causing the skin to fall into a vicious circle.


How to repair damaged skin?

Change your skin care products as soon as possible, so that your face may be saved. EMMASH placental protein mask that does not contain preservatives and flavoring pigments can help you. After many customers use it, the skin problems have been effectively alleviated. This is because the mask contains active placental protein, which can help repair damaged cells, build skin barriers and restore healthy and smooth skin. This mask also contains chamomile ingredients, which has good effect of alleviating allergy, repairing sensitive skin, reducing red blood silk, and adjusting unequal skin color.



(Contrast effect pictures after customers’use)

Quality issues youconcern

EMMASH placental protein mask has passed quality inspection by AQSIQ. Huida Biopharmaceuticals (Suzhou) Ltd., the manufacturer we entrusted, is the only cosmetics manufacturer in China certified by US FDA, and the manufacturer of epidermal 0TC products in line with the national CGMP production quality system standards.



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