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3.8 Goddess Day | Give you a "mask" to make you a goddess.

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3.8 Goddess Day | Give you a "mask" to make you a goddess.

As a woman, the most important thing is your appearance. Whether you can become a goddess directly depends on your skin. We can see that all kinds of stars white and beautiful. Actually, to become a goddess is not by magic, but by skin care. It’s quite important to choose the right skincare products.



People say that there are only lazy women and no ugly women. A famous female star, Jiang Shuying, was busy with work and put on a mask on the car. This spirit is so admirable that no wonder it can become a new goddess.


Liu Yifei, who is called the fairy sister, has also said in her micro-blog that she has only slept for two hours and is about to take part in the activity. In order to look energetic, she chose to apply the mask.


Mask is too important for women. If it is not effective, it will not be popular with celebrities. But the really good mask still needs to be recommended to you, that is EMMASH placental mask, a newly developed placenta protein freshening facial mask developed by iangsu Emmash Biological Technology Co., Ltd.. The essence of this mask is 40ml per piece, much higher than that of the same kind of mask in the market.


Components are more acceptable to users

Placental protein solution

Extracting high purity and high activity protein from animal placenta and retaining more than 90% of various growth factors can protect cells from damage caused by external environment, help cells regenerate and prevent aging.


Nicotinamide can promote barrier repair and improve skin color in the epidermis, can regulate sebum secretion and promote collagen production in the dermis, and even enhance the energy supply of skin cells. Nicotinamide is a very rare multi-functional ingredient with excellent tolerance.


The mask contains chamomile ingredients, which play an important role in anti-inflammatory, itching and skin soothing and sedation. And it can effectively improve the skin quality and convergence pore.


Suitable for various skin types

This mask is quite friendly to all skin types. People with desert skin, sensitive skin and large oil skin can purchase at ease. Especially when it is season changing, many friends are sensitive to skin. The replenishment and comfort of this mask is enough to help you transit smoothly and make you feel comfortable in a beautiful spring.


360°fit skin

Sometimes it's not because it doesn't work, we doesn't like a mask, but because it's too hard to fit. EMMASH placental mask uses deep-sea alginate fiber base cloth, which has strong water absorbency and high permeability. It strictly adhered to pharmaceutical level production technology, special tailoring technology, 360°fit skin. All kinds of facial shapes can be used.


Choose EMMASH placental mask, a new way to live and open your goddess tour.

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