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The pore has blocked for many years. Don't worry, you'll be saved.

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Some girls dress brightly outside, but squeeze blackheads at home and get angry. Probably from junior high school, you have used many products to blackhead, and are about to give up "treatment".


You use blackhead stickers twice a week. Squeezing blackheads becomes a fixed facial cleaning job. The stubborn blackheads, just like following you closely, are deeply rooted.

Over the years, even if the number of blackheads does not decrease, the pore is getting bigger and bigger.

What is the pore?

We often say that the pore is the porous structure on the grain surface of the skin or leather after removal of the hair root. It is the common opening of the hair follicle and sebaceous gland and has specific physiological functions.


Why is the pore large?

Reason 1: Sebaceous glands are too active, and oil secretion is large, resulting in pore enlargement.

Reason 2: Skin aging, loss of elasticity, and loss of support around the pore skin lead to large pore.

Reason 3: Dry skin, slow metabolism of keratin and accumulation of aged keratin lead to large pore.

Solution of large pore

01 Keratinocytic large pore

Characteristic: T zone is often oily, with white or black pore.

Excessive sebum secretion, excessive oil production,and inappropriate cleanliness or greasy diet, will make the pore large.


Everyday please use toner and lotion to balance oil secretion and clean-up pores, use exfoliating products for deep cleansing. We suggest oily skin once a week, dry skin once two weeks, sensitive skin none or once a month.

PS: Choose mild exfoliated products.

After exfoliation, convergence toner should be used to shrink pores.

02 Water-deficient type of large pore

Characteristic: When the skin is lack of moisture, the cells around the pore shrink due to lack of moisture.

When the cutin becomes dry and rough, the pore becomes large easily. Method of shrinking pore: replenishing, moisturizing, and shrinking pore.


In addition to the use of refreshing products that shrink pores, you can apply more moisturizing facial mask. Especially for dry skin, we should pay more attention to water supply. Don't stay up late and drink alcohol, which will aggravate skin water shortage and aging.

03 Aging type of large pore

Characteristic: With the increase of age, collagen and elastin in the body become thin and fragile, unable to effectively support the skin, so that the skin appears relaxed and depressed state, and the pore thus expands into droplets.


Method of shrinking pore:

Completely clean, moisturize, make sunscreen and anti-oxidation. Choose maintenance products that supply collagen, elastic fibers and shrink pore to improve the formation of large pore.

Summary: Different types of large pore have different skin care methods. With targeted care, long-term adherence, the effect will show.

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