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I watched a BBC documentary these days, A movie about sugar, which recorded Australian director Damon's personal experiment sugar changed the body.


For consecutive 60 days, 200g of non-junk food sugar was consumed daily, and changes in the body were measured. Under the condition of keeping calorie intake unchanged and maintaining normal exercise, it increased by 3.2kg in 12 days, 8.5kg in 60 days and 7% in body fat rate.


The World Health Organization (WHO) investigated the causes of death in 23 countries and found that long-term use of sugary foods can shorten life expectancy, even more harmful than cigarettes. Everyone is urged to eat less than 40g of sugar per day. That's the amount of a bottle of cola.


But the most intuitive hazard of eating too much sugar may change your mind, that is, people become ugly.

Sugar produces a substance called AGE during metabolism.


It is severe that may concentrate on attacking collagen, resulting in skin elasticity, uneven surface, wrinkles and so on. And it can induce inflammation, acne closure, which may make your face uncomfortable. That's why diabetics look older.


Over the past two years, the word "anti-glycosylation" has become popular rapidly and has been talked about more and more. It is not uncommon for female stars to promote anti-glycosylation.


Yi Nengjing, who is nearly 50 years old, is absolutely a model more and more beautiful. After giving birth to her second child, she still looks like an 18-year-old girl. She is not only in good shape, but also in better and better skin.


For this reason, she also shared her own health care method, low-sugar diet, which is not only to maintain a young body, but also to make skin condition white and bright.

How to scientific anti-saccharification

Increasing the amount of exercise can help the body metabolize some of the excess sugar, and can reduce fat, increase muscle content. Muscle creatine and carnosine have anti-glycosylation effect, so the girls get up! It's good to walk after dinner.


Regulating diet, of course, first of all from the root of the containment. But we can't totally resist sugar intake. After all, our body also depends on glucose to provide energy to maintain normal physiological activities.

The goal of our boycott is useless, extra, excessive sugar, especially refined sugar. Like milk tea, cakes, cola and so on, these are high sugar disaster areas.


Adhere to skin care, because of the deep glycosylation reaction, the damage to the skin is mostly in the dermis, so adhere to the use of skin care products with repair effect can improve skin condition, so that aging symptoms come later.


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