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Valentine's Day Event

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On the occasion of the Valentine's Day, Jiangsu EMMASH Biological Technology Co., Ltd. also brought you the latest Swiss technology, Gene Whitening Set of free combination gift activities.


RMB520 Couple Gift Box: cleanser, toner, lotion + one gift (worth RMB880)

RMB999 Special Gift Box: Gene whitening set (cleanser, essence, toner, lotion, cream) + one gift (worth RMB1880)

RMB1314 Dedicated Gift Box: Gene whitening set (cleanser, essence, toner, lotion, cream) + two gifts (worth RMB2080)

RMB3344 Eternal Gift Box: two sets of gene whitening set (cleanser, essence, toner, lotion, cream) + four gifts (worth RMB4160)

The pictures and list of gifts is as follows.



Valentine's Day Limited Roses (11 branches / worth RMB228)


1 MAC lipstick (worth RMB170)


A bottle of Australian Kensington red wine (worth RMB598)


Jintan Orange Boutique Hotel One Couple Room (worth RMB268)


Valentine's Day brand custom handbag (worth RMB268)

More important!

If you place an order, we will dispatch immediately throughout the city.

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