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EMMASH Advanced Clothing Matching Aesthetics Salon

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Let health and beauty last forever with you.

Beauty has been an eternal pursuit of women since ancient times. On Nov.4th, the first Salon was held by Jiangsu EMMASH Biological Technology Co., Ltd. at Wuxi Lake District successfully. The event was held to let more people have an in-depth understanding of EMMASH. 



The theme of this event is

"EMMASH Clothing Matching Art"

——Charming Women, Decorated in the Must

1.Sign in

On that day, we invited outstanding people from all walks of life to participate the event.


2. Introduction

First, Mr. Yang Zheng, General Manager of Jiangsu EMMASH Biological Technology Co., Ltd., introduced the products to everyone.


Mr. Yang Zheng gave a succinct overview of the company profile, products, and future directions.



EMMASH Biological Technology has created a new era of skin care products. Human skin care is no longer a tinkering of damaged skin, but to curb problem gene. It supplements bioactive factors, regulates and improves the environment of skin growth at the molecular level, promotes the growth of healthy cells, and finally replaces the cells of aging, so that the skin can behave in a healthy state.


In this event, Ms. Yang Yanfei was invited to explain the course of "Advanced Clothing Matching Aesthetics", so that all women who love beauty can combine skin care and dressing skills to show their most beautiful side.


Chief trainer of China Mu Yi Color Image Etiquette 

Founder of China Mu Yi Color Image Etiquette Company

Special instructor of international etiquette double-certificate trainer class

Certified instructor of Asian Color Association

Certified instructor of China women's studies culture 

Senior instructor of national wardrobe manager

Practical expert of Chinese fashion image    


Ms. Yang Yanfei's lecture style is fresh and natural, vivid and humorous. The method is classic and practical, and it is very versatile. She is a close friend and tutor of beauty lovers. Her courses are very popular among female friends, letting female friends master the most effective ways to dress up in the shortest possible time and create a new beauty. Ms. Yang believes that beauty brings a woman's self-confidence and charm, while it is still a positive energy, which can change a woman's life and destiny.


Congratulations to the following guests who have obtained the placental protein essence provided by EMMASH in the lottery.



Thanks to General Manager of Yigao Media.

Thanks to Changzhou Strategic Partners.

Thanks to the support of General Manager Lu Jintian’s team. 

Thanks to Ms. Yang’s wonderful course!

The event will enable more people to understand the products and the development direction of EMMASH. We are also stepping up the pace of R&D of new products and launching more cutting-edge bio-skin products. Your health and beauty is the mission of all EMMASH people.

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