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EMMASH Placental Mask --- New Product Launch Conference

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On May 18, 2018, the first new product launch conference of Jiangsu EMMASH Biological Technology Co., Ltd., was successfully held in the Taoist Holy Land - Maoshan, China. The conference was highly valued by people from all walks of life. Local government leaders, beauty professionals from all over the country, and news media also attended this conference. They witnessed this grand event together, set off a wave of attention to EMMASH new products. The theme of the conference was "cell regeneration, freeze youth", and officially released the first product launched by EMMASH - Placental Mask.


The new product brought by this time unveiled the beautiful truth of skin care and created a new era of biological skin care. EMMASH placental mask, using cell regeneration technology, is rich in animal placenta active growth factors and a variety of nutrients. Improving the skin from the essence, one-stop solution to all skin problems.


At the beginning of the conference, Mr. Yang Zheng, the organizer of EMMASH brand, gave a welcome speech and introduced the three-year establishing progress of EMMASH brand. He shared the professional R&D, production team, professional sales and technical team behind EMMASH brand. EMMASH is located in Maoshan, a Taoist holy land, covering an area of 20 acres and a building area of 15,000 square meters. It focuses on the innovation of life science and technology, R&D, production and sales of biological skin care products.


Zhang Yehua, deputy secretary of the party committee of Xuebu Town, was invited to give a speech, who He put forward ardent expectations and expressed strong support for Jiangsu EMMASH Biological Technology Co., Ltd.


At the conference, the cytologists Dr. Dai Dongsheng, a representative of EMMASH R&D team, presented and explained the new products released today. All the raw materials of EMMASH are selected from its own collection base, using advanced molecular-level extraction technology and pharmaceutical-grade quality monitoring system. The embryonic placenta is extracted by low-temperature physical extraction technology to extract pure natural, high-activity, high-quality placental protein solution. EMMASH cooperates with the world-famous OEM-Huida Biopharmaceuticals (Suzhou) Ltd., who serves a number of internationally renowned cosmetic brands and uses GMP workshops to ensure quality.

Mr. Yan Zeming, the general manager of Huida, also attended the conference.

In the answer to the media, Dr. Dai Dongsheng and GM Yan Zeming gave the answers to the questions raised by the media.


1. What’s the difference between EMMASH placental mask and the mask in the market? What are its advantages?

A: In addition to the effect of the common mask, EMMASH placental protein mask can effectively repair damaged cells and regenerate cell vitality. The active ingredient in the mask is animal embryonic placental protein, which is extracted by advanced technology and retains complete placental factor activity. The common mask only plays the role of moisturizing and hydrating, and can not activate the cells and stimulate its vitality. Advantages: Temporary solution is more effective.

2. What is the difference between placental protein extracted from animal embryo protein and placental protein of common origin?

A: The placenta of common source is collected by the animal after birth. The main nutrients of the placenta are absorbed by the animal in the mother’s body, leaving less cell active factors and imbalanced proportion, which can not effectively activate cell regeneration. The embryonic placenta is collected during the best period of embryonic development, rich in nutrients, and the proportion of active ingredients is optimal for cell growth. The biggest feature of our mask is using high-concentration embryonic placenta protein as a raw material, which has a real sense of rejuvenation.

3. How do we guarantee the quality of our products?

A: 3.1 The raw materials are selected specially. Our cattle placenta collection and production is based on the original collection point, to minimize the time interval from the collection to the production extraction time. Strict inspection and quarantine must be passed before collection, and frozen immediately after collection to ensure that the materials are fresh and non-polluting.

3.2 Adopt mature production technology and advanced production equipment in production of placental protein, and strict quality supervision system ensures high concentration and high activity of placental protein.

3.3 Choose the world-renowned OEM factory, pharmaceutical cGMP-level production workshop to produce masks to ensure reliable and safe quality.

4. What are the products to be developed in the future, and whether there are plans for new products to be listed in the near future?

A: EMMASH will focus on cell biology and regenerative medicine, focusing on beauty and skin care, and developing more skin care products. Placenta cream, eye cream, collagen mask, collagen ball, and related combination products will be available soon.

5. How do you consider the cooperation between Huida and EMMASH?

A: Huida Biopharmaceuticals (Suzhou) Ltd. is the only manufacturer of epidermal 0TC products approved by the US FDA to meet the cGMP production quality system standards, who has served and led the research and development of L'Oreal, Estee Lauder, Procter & Gamble, Revlon, Unilever, Johnson, Avon, Yingteli, Jiahua, etc., and has accumulated the most cutting-edge core product innovation research and development and production experience. Huida has a wide range of innovative resources around the world. Jiangsu EMMASH Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is a full-service company specializing in the innovation of biological science and technology, R&D, production and sales of biological skin care products. The company develops and produces placental protein solution, from raw material collection to production and processing using the top level of technology in the country. At the macro level, this is a strong alliance between a first-class R&D team and first-class OEM production.

After the conference, a charity handover ceremony was held on the scene.


The "Leshan Plan" was initiated by the Women's Federation of Jintan District. It aims to use the "Public Heart + Business" model to lead entrepreneurial women and more consumers in the region to work together to become influential and action-oriented public welfare people. Ms. Zhang Ying, the chairman of Jiangsu EMMASH Biological Technology Co., Ltd., is enthusiastic for public welfare and take the lead to join. EMMASH became the first company to join the “Leshan Plan” and made a promise: Every 1 box of EMMASH mask sold will contribute 1 yuan to Jintan women and children foundation. Let the whole society join the "Leshan Plan" and work together for the cause of women and children!

At this point, EMMASH placental mask conference ended with a round of applause. The conference put forward new standards and requirements for Chinese high-end skin care products, provided a new solution for skin problems, and also represented a new giant ship in the cosmetics industry setting sail.

The conference also spoiled the new product of EMMASH placental protein essence, which will be launched in June.



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