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Jiangsu EMMASH Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is established on Jan.8, 2018, and locates in No. 1188 Maoshan Avenue, Maoshan Fudi, Yangtze River Delta. It covers an area of 14,508 square meters, with a registered capital of 20 million. The brand is "EMMASH". The business scope covers the development of animal placenta extracts and animal tissue extracts, cosmetics, health products and cell technology; the acquisition and sale of animal-born placenta and other animal products; the research, technical services and preservation of immune cells, umbilical cord stem cells, fetal stem cells, adipose stem cells and ordinary cells; sales of cosmetics and health products; self-management and agency of import and export of various commodities and technologies. Emmash is established for the recycling of downstream products (extracts for animal placenta and animal tissue) from Jiangsu MRC Biological Technology Co., Ltd., who is a biological company engaged in animal serum, which accounts for 60-70% of the domestic placenta fetal cattle market and can be industrialized.

In the early stage, EMMASH developed a series of skin care products (mask, essence, moisturizing lotion, eye cream, early cream, night cream, cleanser, etc.) around the collagen of fetal placenta extract and fetal calf and asparagus. At present, EMMASH has listed products such as “Placental Mask” and “Placental Essence”. At the same time, the placenta series and collagen series set products have entered the reporting stage, and will meet with the public soon! The products planned for the later period include stem cell skin care products and high-end rehabilitation health products. EMMASH plans to achieve the production of cosmeceuticals in its own factory area within 3 years, allowing functional and therapeutic skin care products to enter hospitals and pharmacies. In addition, we will actively explore overseas markets, achieve multi-brand complementary channel planning, effectively maximize channel resources, and achieve global diversification of brands.

Company Purpose: Adhere to the independent research and development, innovative development model, and provide cost-effective products.

Company Goal: Create a biological skin care brand that meets the Chinese skin, and establish a banner of the national biological skin care technology industry. 

Company Mission: "Keep improving, and serving the public". Take advantage of biological cytology to achieve the strength of national biological skin care brands, and promote the development of China's biological skin care science.

Company Positioning: healthy and beautiful

Company Wish: Let health and beauty stay with you forever.

Company Spirit: Unite and work hard, pursue the excellence.

Company Philosophy: EMMASH abides by the core values of the "business love" and the brand core values of "dedication to happiness", consciously assumes social responsibility and promotes the development of the industry.


Jiangsu MRC Biological Technology Co., Ltd., who was founded in 2013, is a high-tech company specializing in R&D, production and sales of cell biology products and providing experimental technical services. MRC has a professional R&D, production team to create cost-effective products, and has a professional sales, technical service team, providing efficient and excellent service.

MRC adheres to the production philosophy “Quality is higher than everything, and quality serves research.”  and adheres to the business philosophy “Quality first, integrity based, reasonable price”, developed and grew up rapidly in the fierce market competition.

Company Purpose: Adhere to the independent R&D, innovative development model, and provide cost-effective products.
Company Goal: Build a Chinese own biological cell culture reagent brand, and establish a banner of the national biotechnology industry.
Company Mission: "Keep improving, and serving research." Achieve localization of biological reagents for cell culture, and promote the development of life sciences in China.

Brand Positioning

To be the largest and most powerful brand in China with the most complete product range and the most reliable quality. After launching the brand strategy, through continuous efforts, “MRC” brand has won wide acclaim in domestic research and industrial customers, and the market share has been rising. The sales network has spread across many provinces and regions. MRC is committed to building national brands and contributing to China's scientific research and industry and public health.       

Product Advantages

The price of MRC series products is very competitive among the same first-line brands. MRC insists on positioning prices strictly according to market demand. Raw materials have been subjected to strict quality control from the source to the finished product. Unqualified raw materials are never used to make finished products. MRC has established advanced testing equipment, 10,000-level production workshops in compliance with GMP requirements, automated filling equipment, perfect environmental certification and quality management system certification, and more advanced production, inventory, logistics three-in-one management system. Large single batch production to reduce the difference between batches. 

MRC means mission, responsibility and confidence.



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