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Placental Essence

Every woman is eager young forever, and has ageless appearance.

Whitening, moisturizing and anti-aging is women's eternal topics.

EMMASH placental essence can bring you a new natural, safe and effective way of skin care.

A bottle of EMMASH placental essence can repair and activate 10 kinds of youth. 

Young skin

Visible and touchable


Direct to the bottom of the skin

Unique in the world

Molecular motor carrier technology

Make the active ingredient direct to the bottom of the skin.


Repair and regenerate

Deep into the bottom of the skin

Promote basal cell proliferation

Deeply repair the skin



Protect body cells from poison

Reduce aging cell accumulation

Keep skin lasting, tighting and whitening.


No addition

No alcohol

No pigment

No fluorant


Thick live protein

Reappearing young skin


Main ingredient

This product extracts high-purity, high-activity unit of active protein from animal placenta and embryo. It is produced by pure biotechnology process steps, successfully retains more than 90% of the natural proportion of cell active factors. The product can protect the external environment from cell damage. At the same time, it can increase cell vitality after absorption, help cell regeneration, prevent body function aging, inhibit tyrosinase activity, alleviate skin inflammation, and restore keratinocytes to normal metabolic function. Rich in a variety of cell growth factors, natural minerals, nucleic acids, phospholipids, polysaccharides, amino acids, vitamins and other substances.

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