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Goat Placental Protein Solution

Material Safety Data Sheet

Main ingredients: goat embryo≥2mg/ml

Appearance: light yellow clear liquid

Product introduction: This product is a high-purity, high-activity unit of goat placenta hydrolyzed solution prepared from the selected fetal goat and placenta after pulverization, hydrolysis and low temperature extraction. It successfully retains more than 90% natural cell activity factor.

Uses: Cell culture, amplification, etc.

Effect: Activate cells, promote cell development, and stimulate cell proliferation. Enhance cell UV protection; repair cells, delay cell aging, make cells vibrant, supple, and crystal clear.

Method of use: Add to the cell culture medium according to different cell culture ratio requirements.

Art. No.: SP-N18091

Specification: 500ml

Description: This product is a sterile animal-derived concentrated protein solution. If the protein precipitate is a normal biological reaction, it does not affect the quality.

Expiry date: 2020-09-08


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