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EMMASH Ice Series

EMMASH Ice Series 

EMMASH teamed up with immunology, biology, and cytology experts to develop a quick-acting whitening set of medical beauty standards for Asian skin and Asian women's whitening needs, which was called Gene Whitening Suit (Ice Series). 


   Wrap and restore current melanin. The skin will instantly bright and translucent while infiltration.


   Inhibit melanin production and accelerate skin tone.


   Repair the cells, activate the whitening and repairing energy, and take advantage of the whitening effect.

Gene Targeting and Whitening Technology

Repelling suppression:

By innovating pigment repellent technology, tracking and attacking melanin, effectively reduces tyrosinase activity in many ways, including reducing cell signaling, tyrosinase transcription, tyrosinase activity, and melanosome transfer.

Brighten skin colour:

Multi-layered slow-release wrapping technology, the double-bright white molecules are wrapped into a sphere, which can penetrate the surface of the muscle bottom, penetrate the muscle base, slowly release the active ingredients, quickly improve the skin's transparency and reduce the dark yellow skin tone.

Safe and effective:

Swiss supercritical extraction process, extracting a variety of organic plant whitening ingredients, which is gentle and skin-friendly, safe and stable.

The combination of core ingredients is comparable to the standard of skin medicine whitening prescription.

Nano gene vector technology

The nanotechnology process is decomposed into particles smaller than one hundred thousandth of the tip of the needle, which can rapidly carry out human cells and greatly enhance the permeability of the skin. The DNA, RNA and other gene molecules are encapsulated in the interior of the nanoparticle or absorbed on the surface, and then are coupled with a specific targeting molecule on its surface. Through the binding of the targeting molecule to the cell surface receptor, and in the cell granulation effect, the target gene is introduced into the cell to achieve safe and effective targeted gene therapy.

Gene signal blocking technology

Destroy the melanin gene code transmission, interrupt NEURO nerve conduction, and cut off the source.

Signal, inhibit tyrosinase activity, thereby inhibiting melanin formation, anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory, repairing damaged cells, so that achieving rapid disintegration of pigmentation, having the effect of bright white skin and lightening stains.

Explore the secrets of gene whitening

Placental protein

High-purity, high-activity unit of active protein is extracted from animal placenta and embryos. It is produced by pure biotechnology process, successfully retains more than 90% of the natural proportion of cell active factors, and rich in various cell growth factors, natural minerals, nucleic acids, phospholipids, polysaccharides, amino acids, vitamins and other substances. It can protect the external environment from damage to cells. At the same time, it can increase cell vitality after absorption, help cell regeneration, prevent body function aging, inhibit tyrosinase activity, alleviate skin inflammation, and restore keratinocytes to normal metabolic function.

Collagen peptide

The high-permeability tripeptide that goes directly to the dermis, an effective collagen injection substitute, has the dual mechanism of maximizing the effect of collagen peptides, which can stimulate collagen production in fibroblasts while protecting collagen from degradation, to ensure the positive growth of the collagen quantity. The traditional products only focus on promoting collagen synthesis, ignore the degradation of collagen, and has the effect of relieving smoothness, reducing the depth of wrinkles, and shrinking pores. After use, the decomposition rate of collagen is decreased by 76%, and the content of HA is increased by 176%. The patent number is WO2004/099237.

Swiss Edelweiss

Deep repair of DNA in damaged cells, accelerate cell renewal

Enhance skin's resistance to external stressors

Excellent free radical protection with strong antioxidant, free radical scavenging and DNA protection

Containing high levels of Edelweiss acid, which is a new and highly effective bioactive ingredient, can penetrate deep into the muscles, activate skin cells, double promote skin metabolism, and has excellent Oxidation resistance and excellent DNA protection properties.

Edelweiss comes from the Alps.

In nature, Edelweiss is the real Alpine "Star of Life", a self-protection expert, growing at an altitude of more than 3000 meters, withstanding high levels of ultraviolet radiation, and surviving in extreme temperatures.

ALPAFLOR Researchers, in collaboration with the Swiss Institute of Agronomy, have developed an organically cultivated, unique and efficient variety of Edelweiss to ensure maximum availability of active ingredients.

Eco-cert organic certification is fully referring to Bio Suisse organic planting standards, and has complete traceability from seeds to extracts, to set the highest standards of quality and safety for organic cosmetics.

Nine peptide-1

Nine peptide-1 is a biomimetic peptide that has a very good match with the MC1 receptor on melanocytes, so it can act as an antagonist of melanocyte stimulating hormone, competitively bind to MC1 receptor, and prevent tyrosinase from being further activated to produce melanin. Nine peptide-1 competitively blocks the entrance of receptors and various factor signals on melanocytes, weakens the activity of melanocytes, reduces the amount of melanin production, and brightens skin tone.

Sodium polyaspartate

It naturally exists in the mollusk shells such as snails. There is peptide bond and carboxyl gene in the structure, which has a very good moisturizing and anti-aging effect. It can be combined with free water to form a network structure, and be synergistic with HA to enhance moisturizing function.

SPA-20 can soften the skin, inhibit skin contraction and increase skin elasticity.

Olive leaf extract

The olive leaf extract has a strong activation effect on macrophage activity. One of the functions of macrophages in the cortex is to phagocytose melanin. Therefore, the olive leaf extract has whitening effect on the skin, and can also be used as a acne control agent, an anti-inflammatory agent, an allergy inhibitor and an anti-aging antioxidant.


Niacinamide, also known as vitamin B3, can penetrate the waterproof layer of the cuticle, act directly on the inner layer of the skin, which can speed up cell metabolism and accelerate the exfoliation of melanin keratinocytes. It can maintain moisture content in the skin, promote microcirculation in the dermis, improve dullness, uneven skin tone, sunburn and other skin problems, leaving skin white and radiant.

Whitening the skin, we start from the source.

Ice series, perfect 5 steps, make skin as bright as diamonds.

Ice Cleanser 100g

Ice cleanser, its gentle, pure foam can effectively clean the face dirt.It will not cause dry skin, and help the skin to show clean and bright white.

Ice Lotion 120ml

Ice Lotion absorbs quickly and has no greasy feel. It can soften the skin, make the skin feel clean, and rejuvenate the skin to be hydrated and translucent. It also can make the skin look delicate and radiant.

Ice Essence 50ml

Every drop of ice essence is full of natural bright color essence, which enhances the skin dimension in multiple directions, revitalizes the skin from inside to outside, purifies the skin, improves the unevenness of the skin, makes the skin tone more uniform and more transparent.

Ice Toner 100ml

Ice toner has a special purifying function. The texture is light and non-greasy, which makes the skin have a translucent and even texture, showing the bright and beautiful skin while keeping the skin natural and moist.

Ice Cream 50g

Ice cream moisturizes and absorbs easily, blocks melanin, diminishes pigment spots, improves dark yellow, improves whiteness and gloss, brightens even skin tone, so that making the skin bright, white and renewed.

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